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9 Social Media Engagement Tips for Facebook

9 Social Media Engagement Tips for Facebook

Facebook is the first thought that crosses most people’s minds when you mention the words ‘social media’… and for good reason. It has immense reach, and recent statistics show that it has slightly over 2 billion users. That is not only amazing, but it’s a potential goldmine for marketers hoping to expand their reach.

In this article, we’ll focus on several different tips to increase your engagement with your audience, and turn them from loyal fans into paying customers. All you need to do is be interesting, engaging, trustworthy and consistent… and your fans will trust your recommendations and buy what you’re selling.
We’ll focus on Facebook fan pages and Facebook groups in this article because both are free to set up. While fan pages are not as effective as they used to be because Facebook wants marketers to ‘pay to play’, it does have some reach. Either way, the same principles apply whether you’re running a fan page, group or even an email list. The mantra is always – “Be Interesting, Engaging and Trustworthy!”

  1. Pick a memorable name
This is the most important point. The name you pick for your page/group should be memorable, strong and catchy. It could be your brand or something related to your niche. ‘Jeff’s Kettlebell Zone’ is an example of a good name. ‘Jeff’s Fitness with Kettlebells for Men, Women and Grannies’ is not. Keep it short, relevant and simple.

  1. Optimize for SEO
While search engine optimization is not the focus here, it doesn’t hurt to do it. Strategically insert your main keywords in you page name, description, etc. When you get 25 likes on your page, create a customized vanity URL. If we used the example from above, it would be:

  1. Links, links and more links
Link to your page/group from anywhere you can think off. Link from your blogs, YouTube channels, emails, shortcuts in your product files (if you’re selling products) etc. The more links you have pointing to your page or group, the more people will find you. One of the keys to increasing your audience is to cast your net wide and make it as easy as possible to reel people in.

  1. Increase your engagement
It doesn’t matter if you have one fan on your page or twenty thousand fans. You start engaging from day 1. Share pictures and videos and highlight interesting events or details. It doesn’t always have to be about selling. Ideally, you should only pitch once every 3 to 5 posts. This will ensure that your page has some balance. Nobody wants to be part of a pitch fest.
If you’re running a page dedicated to helping men get six pack abs, you can share a post about how ‘dad bods’ are the latest trend and ask them their opinions. You can bet that this will spark a lot of conversation and that’s fantastic because the Facebook algorithm loves to see engagement in pages and groups. It will look upon your page/group more favorably.

  1. Make your members feel valued
You could run giveaways and contests to increase engagement. When you give away free items you’ll definitely perk everyone’s interest.
Generate conversation with your members. Reply to as many comments as you can. Post pictures and ask for captions. Do whatever you can to connect with your audience. This is ‘social’ media. Social means that it’s not a one-way street.
Many FB fan page/group owners do not interact enough with their audience. They just make a post or two and disappear, leaving the members to interact amongst themselves. It’s next to impossible to build loyalty and likeability if you’re never around to bond with your audience.

  1. Avoid the cesspool
No matter what niche you’re in on how good you try to be, there will ALWAYS be a handful of people who post negative comments or try to troll your page. NEVER argue with them or engage in hot debate. You’ll just be sinking into a pit with them. It’s pointless and doesn’t help your image.
You can give polite answers and if they persist in being nasty, you can bring the ban hammer down on them and boot them out of your page or group. There is absolutely no need to endure nastiness from anyone. In fact, removing them quickly will not only mean less trouble for you, but will also keep your page/group a positive place to be.

  1. Share useful posts
Feel free to share posts from other pages or sites in your page or group. It doesn’t always have to be about you and your brand. By sharing useful information with your fans, you’ll be providing value and building trust because you’re helping them with what they need.

  1. Be consistent
Trust is built with consistency. Do not make one post every two months and expect engagement. Out of sight = out of mind. You need to post regularly. Posting once or twice every day is fine. Do not go overboard and post 10 times a day. The constant notifications will annoy your audience.
You should also plan your post timing. Depending on where most of your audience is located, you should post at a time when they’d be on Facebook. If your post goes out in the middle of the night when they’re fast asleep, there’ll not be as much engagement since your post will be buried amidst all the other posts that appear on their feed later in the day.
You’ll want to have a plan to determine just what you’ll post on a daily basis. It’s good to have a customer avatar so you know what type of content will fit with your audience.

  1. Check your stats
Facebook Insights provides detailed analytics for you to know exactly how well your page or group is doing. Look at your stats and analyze them. If you’re lacking in a few areas, try a few strategies to overcome these issues. It may require more posts, better content, a different timing, etc. You’ll only know when you test it out.
Keep these 9 tips in mind when engaging an audience on Facebook and you’ll do better than most pages/groups out there. Always remember the mantra - Be Interesting, Engaging and Trustworthy.

“The best marketing strategy ever: Care” – Gary Vaynerchuk

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Monday, 5 February 2018

6 Tips for Building Your Business With Twitter

6 Tips for Building Your Business With Twitter

Twitter is all about relationships, growing your circle of influence, and yes, RELATIONSHIPS. The better your relationships on Twitter, the more likely people are to retweet your stuff, visit your Facebook page and websites, join your lists and buy your products. So how do you rapidly grow your Twitter following while wielding influence over your followers?

Here are 5 tips....
  1. Be Yourself. Often times people think they're somehow 'not good enough,' and so they pretend to be something they're not. The problem is people can smell a phony a mile away. Don't attempt to be Mr. Know-it-All or Ms. Perfect because nobody is buying that nonsense, and even if they were, they want to know REAL people with real lives, real challenges, and real things to say. Always stay true to yourself because you are a one-of-a-kind original, and as they say, everyone else is already taken anyway.
  1. Appreciate Your Followers. Re-tweet their best tweets (or the tweets that are the most important to them.) Give them a #FF, which means you're recommending others follow them. Or even send them a direct message. In other words, don't just interact – promote others and expect nothing in return. The more value you can give to others, the more they will like you, appreciate you, and want to reciprocate.
  1. Connect With The Big Dogs. Whatever your niche is, find the influential people in your niche and engage them. Being seen with people in authority is one of the quickest ways to be seen as an authority yourself. Plus, their audience will also notice you, and you'll gain followers who hold an avid interest in your particular niche.
  1. Engage Engage Engage. Answer everyone who engage with you, and see how many followers you can engage yourself. You never know who is going to become your next big client or customer – it could be that new guy with only 5 followers as easily as it could be the seasoned Twitter person with 50,000 followers.
  1. Add a Heap of Pizzazz. We've already said you need to be yourself, and this is perhaps the best advice anyone can give you. That said, it's okay to take yourself up a notch. You are unique, so go ahead and amplify that uniqueness and be a little bit larger than life. Be friendlier than you are in real life, be a little bit more flamboyount, go ahead and have opinions (your REAL opinions, that is) and by all means, STICK OUT from the crowd. That last thing you want to do is be a wallflower. 

And even if you're shy in real life, that's okay. This is the Internet, and so it's not like trying to be the life of the party in real life – it's more like portraying yourself in the best light, with the most fun, and the least inhibitions. Frankly, there is no better place for shy people than Twitter – it's a great way to meet tons of people with absolutely zero risk. After all, you don't have to send a tweet until you're certain it says exactly what you want it to say – so you can get it right every time.
  1. Have fun. Need we say more? People like to hang out with people who are having fun, and Twitter is no different. So go ahead, have a blast, let the good time roll, and watch your follower numbers increase accordingly!
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    Seen What is Happening on Facebook?

    Have you Seen What is Happening on Faceboook?

    Have you seen the brand new feature on Facebook?

    Business Page Cover Videos!
    Nearly everybody who has a Business Page/Fan Page has a static image at the top.
    What's your like?

    So does your Facebook Business Page (not your personal page) look like either

    Heck some people do not even have their contact details on the cover image!
    when it could look like this…. (press the play button)
    You can now showcase your brand, your call to action and just what it is that you do, to your audience and captivate them into making contact with your business.
    Well despite Facebook making it difficult to add a video to it as they need it in a particular size and format...
    Well, we are able to create them - see ours HERE
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    How many more people would engage with your business if you had a cover video?
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    Have You Ever Read Rich Dad Poor Dad?

    Have You Ever Read Rich Dad Poor Dad?

    If so, you will know just how inspirational Robert Kiyosaki is.

    His books have sold over 35 million copies, and a large percentage of homes have Rich Dad Poor Dad on their shelves. I know ours does!

    Well, on December 9th and 10th, Robert is holding an amazing online summit which you are invited to attend.

    It is all online so you don't need to leave the comfort of your home. There are several well known speakers (Anik Singal, Kotton Grammar to name but 2) and also several well respected investment experts.

    Subjects as far ranging as online marketing to bitcoin to real estate investing will be covered, giving you all the latest and greatest information and strategies.

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    4 Techniques to Increase Your Facebook Likes

    When it comes to implementing social media strategies, Facebook is a great place to start as it is the network that has the most users. However, if you thought that posting to Facebook now and then is enough, you’d be wrong. Using that strategy is going to have you flat lining rather than growing. 
    Let’s look at 4 techniques to Increase your Facebook Likes and grow your fans.

    #1. Tag Yourself in Your Photos

    This technique is so easy to use that you’ll wonder why you didn’t use it sooner. From now on every single photo that you put up on your Facebook Page make sure that you tag yourself in every single photo. This is smart because if your content is good and its shareable then it will appear on the news feeds of others. When one of your fan’s shares it, then it’s going to be linked in the ‘shared section’ in addition to the image your fan shared.

    #2 Create Content That’s Shareable

    Good content is great, but great content is greater. It is very important to have content that is shareable. This means your content is so good that your audience doesn’t just want to like it, they want to share it with their own friends. The content that your fans share is really part of their online identity. It tells others what they like and who they are. In this case it also shows support for you. When content is shareable, it increases your like because it exposes your name to more people, putting your brand out there in front of those that are not currently your fans.

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    #3 Remember to Remain Consistent

    You do not want to develop want to become boring. You don’t want to have one week with a big peak and then your page gets hum-drum boring until the next big peak. This type of inconsistency will have people leaving your page. Instead consistently engage your audience so they can depend on you.

    #4 Watch Your Timing

    If you want the most people to see your posts, then you need to post when most people are on Facebook. Generally mornings and afternoons are best, but of course you will need to determine what’s best for your audience. Maybe you cater to an international market so you’ll need to figure out the best time to post locally to reach that market. Don’t be afraid to experiment to see find the best time for your posts.

    Monday, 27 November 2017

    5 E-Mail Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

    We’ve all heard the saying ad nauseam – “The money is in the list!”

    But, is it really?

    The truth of the matter is that the money is in the relationship that you have with your list. There are marketers who have a responsive list of 2000 people and they generate more sales than their competitors who have lists with 30,000 and more people.

    How is this even possible?

    2 words – trust and loyalty

    When you’re building a list, the people on your list are exactly that – people. They’re not numbers in your autoresponder. Far too many marketers focus on the size of their list instead of the quality of their list.

    You want to be the type of marketer who can provide immense value to your subscribers and blend in promotional offers every now and then to get sales. Most of your subscribers will understand that you’re running a business, and if you’ve provided them enough value, they’ll trust you and buy from you.

    Some of them will like you enough to buy from you just to support you. The key to reaching this level of success with email marketing is to treat people like people. In this article, we’ll look at common email marketing mistakes that so many marketers make.

    If you commit these mistakes, not only will you alienate your list, but they’ll not trust you. If there’s no trust, you can forget about making sales. Everything depends on trust.

    1. Misleading email subject lines
    One very common mistake is to use subject lines like “Re:” or “Your account is closed” or some other ridiculous subject line that’s designed to grab attention just to make the reader open their email. This is a very poor attempt at getting people to open your emails.

    If you need to resort to such measures, your email marketing skills are mediocre. Making someone think that you’re replying to their email by using the term “Re:” instantly makes them distrust you when they see that you’re just pitching them an offer.

    The goal of a subject line is to perk their curiosity. Trying to mislead them or make them panic and open the email, only to discover that it’s the marketer employing a lame subterfuge is not going to bode well for the marketer in the long term.

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    2. Changing the ‘From’ address
    Many times, marketers change their from address/name because they notice that their open rates are dropping like flies. The reason this happens is because their emails are either full of hype or are one promotion after another after another.

    Subscribers on a list want value. They want to learn, they want to be entertained and they want something in return. Nobody wants to be on a list just to be marketed to. If that’s all you do, and your open rates suffer, changing your name or your from address is just going to add to the confusion.
    How can you trust a marketer with more names and addresses than a phone book?

    3. Long, boring emails
    Your email should only be as long as it needs to be. The goal is to convey your point across succinctly. Avoid repetition and unnecessary hype. If your emails are long, they should be entertaining and engaging.

    4. Poor formatting
    Don’t make your reader struggle to read your email. Be aware that reading from a screen is more taxing on the eye than reading print on paper. Avoid using font that is too small or cursive.
    The layout should be simple and the text must be easy to read. Don’t use white text on a black background or use a busy background that makes your email look like a Mardi Gras poster. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

    5. Not understanding your list
    With some lists, such as those in the make money online niche, you can email your subscribers daily or even several times a day and they’ll generally be more tolerant. Try that same thing in a niche such as photography or golf, and your subscribers will be turned off by your ‘non-stop’ emails.

    You must understand your list. Look at the unsubscribe rates. Do more people leave the list when you email often? Time to tone it down. Are your open rates dropping if you mail once a week only? Yes? Try emailing twice then.

    There is no right or wrong answer here. You must test and see. Mistakes only occur when you assume that all lists are the same, and just hammer them with emails without a care in the world. Know your list… and you’ll be a much better email marketer.

    Now that you know the 5 mistakes to avoid, steer clear of them at all cost. Always remember to find the right balance and treat your list like you would your friends and family. People are people and they deserve your respect. Treat them well and they’ll treat you well. It’s really that simple.

    Monday, 20 November 2017

    5 Tips for Connecting With More Local Consumers on LinkedIn

    5 Tips for Connecting With More Local Consumers on LinkedIn

    One of the more powerful uses for the popular professional social networking site, LinkedIn, is connecting with local consumers. Whether your business specializes in retail products, a web service or/and intangible goods, your most active followers will almost always be the local community that you build up around the brand.

    Since Google picks up any information you post on LinkedIn, you can do a great deal of good for your brand’s presence by maintaining a healthy amount of information geared towards local consumers on your company page. As you will see in the list below, your profile can make a big difference.

    1. Localize Your Personal Profile Data - On a marketplace as large as the Internet, having nearby local access to just about anything is a rarity. For a consumer, it builds trust in the service or brand in question. This is why you should include as much local information as possible when creating or updating your profile.

    LinkedIn asks for an enormous amount of information for your profile, and each one of the fields presented can be used to gather local consumers if the right information is made available. 

    2. Display Specific Local Connections On Your Company Page - If you already have a healthy number of first-level connections that you have been doing business with, you should prominently display your relationship with them in a way that attracts your local consumer base. Again, this builds trust, by showing you are part of the community.
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    3. Make Quality Connections With Local Businesses - The best way to capitalize on your capability of forging new local connections is to benefit from the connections already made by other local businesses. Finding and connecting with them can give you access to a larger network of consumers and companies.

    4. Stay Active & Join Groups – Become the local authority figure in your niche by posting information that your followers will find useful and enjoy. There are many different groups on LinkedIn; find local ones closely related to your industry. 

    Don’t just join; engage with the group. Give advice and answer questions. Be consistent and make sure your posts are professional and relevant. 

    5. Do Not Stop Connecting – Make it a practice to become more and more connected on LinkedIn. Always search for new people and businesses who can bring value to your network. Also, once someone accepts your connection invitation, accept them and consider sending them a personal, short follow-up message (depending on the connection).
    This is how meaningful partnerships are built and how LinkedIn provides a platform for business growth in the local sector. 
    Your network is an important part of your online presence and, if cultivated properly, it will flourish into a healthy following that will sustain your company and keep you in business. 

    Of course, no one knows how to cultivate it better than an experienced online marketing consultant. So don’t hesitate to get help if you need it.
    All the best

    Jon and Debbie Lake
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    9 Social Media Engagement Tips for Facebook

    9 Social Media Engagement Tips for Facebook Facebook is the first thought that crosses most people’s minds when you mention the words ...