Friday, 18 May 2018

Best Facebook Ads Course 2018

Best Facebook Ads Course 2018

The biggest problem with Facebook is that it updates regularly and especially recently with the Cambridge Analytica situation, it made quite a few changes to their algorithm and targeting abilities.

Facebook ads is still, by far, the best place to promote your business due to their targeting capabilities. But even then, recently, they have pulled back on some of the targeting that is available.

So, for those of you, using Facebook ads, who are just NOT getting a good ROI on your ad spend, this latest course is an absolute no-brainer.

For only $12.95 (it goes back up to $497 on 24th May) you get over 40 videos across 13 hours of in depth training.
I thought so highly of this course that I bought it myself:

So, what is in this course?

Well here are some screenshots of what you will learn, and believe me, it covers everything you need to know. And it is right uptodate.

As you can see, it is in depth and what I love is the attention to detail and the actual examples which really show you what to do.

So, if you want to master Facebook Ads then now is the time.
Don't wait a few days - you know that life will get in the way and you will forget!!

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Only 17 Days to Go - Are You GDPR Compliant?

Only 17 Days to Go - Are You GDPR Compliant?

If you are sitting in your office thinking "what the heck is GDPR all about?" and "where do I even start to become compliant for GDPR?" then you are in the right place.

In just 17 days time as I write this, the whole online marketing world will change forever and from what I can see, the vast majority of people simply do NOT know where to star to get their businesses compliant.

At the end of the day, I am sure that the authorities will go hunting for the big fish to start with leaving us smaller businesses alone, but there will come a time when you will wish you had become compliant from day 1!!

All it takes is for 1 person to complain (weird how compliant and complaint are so close don't you think?) and you will have the authorities all over you like a rash!

So, best to be compliant from day 1

One of the biggest questions I have seen asked is:
Do I have to contact all the subscribers on my list that are in the UK or the EU? 

The answer is YES - you do!

Without getting your subscribers to 'technically' resend their details you cannot email them after May 25th.

The workaround is as follows:

Find an offer that you can put out to give added value to your subscribers and create a new email sequence. Send the email (which explains GDPR and how you are compliant) and put the link to the new sequence in it with a tag that when they click it, they get added to your new sequence. This then enables you to send them emails after May 25th.

To get the low down on ALL the various things you need to do to become compliant check out our FREE video training which features a UK data protection lawyer who knows her stuff.

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Thursday, 3 May 2018

GDPR Explained - Are You Ready For It?

GDPR Explained - Are You Ready For It?

Unless you have been hiding under a rock you will know that there is a NEW law coming into play on May 25th 2018 which affects EVERY business that has customers (or promotes its products and services) to people or businesses in the UK and the EU.
So even if you are in the USA and you have an online presence, you are not immune!
It is the General Data Protection Regulations Act. The European Union’s (GDPR) is considered to be the most comprehensive and far-reaching data privacy initiative of the past 20 years. It contains massive penalties for non-compliance, and it is set to go into effect on May 25th 2018.
Now I am not a lawyer and do not profess to know the ins and outs of the new Act but we do have a simple compliance checklist which will get you thinking differently about how you interact with your customers and prospects.
GDPR in a nutshell is all about good data handling and ironically has been thrust more into the spotlight by Facebooks recent faux pas with their handling of peoples personal information!
It is tightening up peoples individual rites and restricts businesses in what they can do with the data they collect.
Whether you store emails, customer info, texts you must comply with GDPR. You have to consider how you collect the data and also how it is stored and then how you are going to interact with the individuals afterwards.
If you have buying customers who you do not contact after the sale (believe it or not many businesses actually do this!) then you can store them safely under Legitimate Reasons as you require the details to be able to fulfill their purchase.
Likewise if you have contracts with suppliers or customers for services you provide you can store that data under the Contractual Necessity premise.
A little known fact is that you must keep your email lists uptodate and set a time limit whereby any subscriber that has not engaged with you after a set period (e.g 1 year) be deleted from your list.
If you already have an email list that you send emails out to promoting your business etc, you WILL need to get permission from them again to send out emails post-25th May. I know, I can hear you!! This is an absolute ball-ache and will undoubtedly lose you a fair chunk of your list.
If they want to be on your list they will be happy to re-sign onto your new list and those that do not were probably not worth having on their anyway!
Their is a ton more that I could share with you and I will probably update this as my own GDPR journey plays out.

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Monday, 26 March 2018

Does Your Company Need Social Media Marketing?

Does Your Company Need Social Media Marketing?

You’ve heard all the buzz, and your curiosity has been piqued. 
What in the world is social media marketing, and, can your company benefit from it? 

What is Social Media Marketing?

In a nutshell, social media marketing is a form of marketing your business via platforms labeled “social media.” 
Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, and LinkedIn might be things you have heard of…
…and you might very well have noticed certain types of businesses using these platforms to create excitement about the products and services they have to offer. 

Why is Social Media Marketing Successful?

Social media marketing at its finest helps businesses to connect with existing clients and potential customers on a whole new level. 
People find things they like, and they share them with others. 
As the sharing continues, the businesses that use social media marketing to their advantage see amazing growth…
…and find that their interactions with their clientele are, overall, much more positive.

What Kind of Businesses Should Use Social Media Marketing?

Whether you have an apple orchard or a dairy farm, a restaurant or a bike shop, an auto dealership or a nightclub, a midwifery practice or a life insurance company, social media marketing should be part of your overall picture. 
Simply put, there is no type of business that cannot put social media marketing to work! 
Let’s pretend for a moment that you have an apiary. 
You and your honey bees spend summers growing flowers and making honey. 

How can social media marketing work for you? 

First, you connect with people who are interested in what you have to offer. 
You don’t make them come to you – you link to them. 
Linking to other businesses is helpful, so in your case, let’s make friends with local restaurants, bakeries, greenhouses, and farmers. 

They’re out there! 

Now that you are friends with them, you can attract their friends. 
You’re suddenly very popular – and people want your honey. 

They find out you sell honey online, and they order it like crazy. 
Now, you keep the buzz going. 

Keep putting pictures of your gardens and videos of your bees up on your Facebook page. 

Make it fascinating.  Show your passion, and share your interest in keeping bee populations healthy – sell honey and related products all at the same time.

As you do this, you’ll find you’ve got the kind of clients you want and need - and best of all, you don’t need to do much to make this happen. 
No matter what kind of business you have, get in touch with a social media marketing expert and put them to work. 
You’ll find the rewards are absolutely amazing

If you would like to get free access to an online training workshop, where you will discover the simple 3 step process to using social media to improve your business results - Click the image below

Monday, 12 March 2018

9 Social Media Engagement Tips for Facebook

9 Social Media Engagement Tips for Facebook

Facebook is the first thought that crosses most people’s minds when you mention the words ‘social media’… and for good reason. It has immense reach, and recent statistics show that it has slightly over 2 billion users. That is not only amazing, but it’s a potential goldmine for marketers hoping to expand their reach.

In this article, we’ll focus on several different tips to increase your engagement with your audience, and turn them from loyal fans into paying customers. All you need to do is be interesting, engaging, trustworthy and consistent… and your fans will trust your recommendations and buy what you’re selling.
We’ll focus on Facebook fan pages and Facebook groups in this article because both are free to set up. While fan pages are not as effective as they used to be because Facebook wants marketers to ‘pay to play’, it does have some reach. Either way, the same principles apply whether you’re running a fan page, group or even an email list. The mantra is always – “Be Interesting, Engaging and Trustworthy!”

  1. Pick a memorable name
This is the most important point. The name you pick for your page/group should be memorable, strong and catchy. It could be your brand or something related to your niche. ‘Jeff’s Kettlebell Zone’ is an example of a good name. ‘Jeff’s Fitness with Kettlebells for Men, Women and Grannies’ is not. Keep it short, relevant and simple.

  1. Optimize for SEO
While search engine optimization is not the focus here, it doesn’t hurt to do it. Strategically insert your main keywords in you page name, description, etc. When you get 25 likes on your page, create a customized vanity URL. If we used the example from above, it would be:

  1. Links, links and more links
Link to your page/group from anywhere you can think off. Link from your blogs, YouTube channels, emails, shortcuts in your product files (if you’re selling products) etc. The more links you have pointing to your page or group, the more people will find you. One of the keys to increasing your audience is to cast your net wide and make it as easy as possible to reel people in.

  1. Increase your engagement
It doesn’t matter if you have one fan on your page or twenty thousand fans. You start engaging from day 1. Share pictures and videos and highlight interesting events or details. It doesn’t always have to be about selling. Ideally, you should only pitch once every 3 to 5 posts. This will ensure that your page has some balance. Nobody wants to be part of a pitch fest.
If you’re running a page dedicated to helping men get six pack abs, you can share a post about how ‘dad bods’ are the latest trend and ask them their opinions. You can bet that this will spark a lot of conversation and that’s fantastic because the Facebook algorithm loves to see engagement in pages and groups. It will look upon your page/group more favorably.

  1. Make your members feel valued
You could run giveaways and contests to increase engagement. When you give away free items you’ll definitely perk everyone’s interest.
Generate conversation with your members. Reply to as many comments as you can. Post pictures and ask for captions. Do whatever you can to connect with your audience. This is ‘social’ media. Social means that it’s not a one-way street.
Many FB fan page/group owners do not interact enough with their audience. They just make a post or two and disappear, leaving the members to interact amongst themselves. It’s next to impossible to build loyalty and likeability if you’re never around to bond with your audience.

  1. Avoid the cesspool
No matter what niche you’re in on how good you try to be, there will ALWAYS be a handful of people who post negative comments or try to troll your page. NEVER argue with them or engage in hot debate. You’ll just be sinking into a pit with them. It’s pointless and doesn’t help your image.
You can give polite answers and if they persist in being nasty, you can bring the ban hammer down on them and boot them out of your page or group. There is absolutely no need to endure nastiness from anyone. In fact, removing them quickly will not only mean less trouble for you, but will also keep your page/group a positive place to be.

  1. Share useful posts
Feel free to share posts from other pages or sites in your page or group. It doesn’t always have to be about you and your brand. By sharing useful information with your fans, you’ll be providing value and building trust because you’re helping them with what they need.

  1. Be consistent
Trust is built with consistency. Do not make one post every two months and expect engagement. Out of sight = out of mind. You need to post regularly. Posting once or twice every day is fine. Do not go overboard and post 10 times a day. The constant notifications will annoy your audience.
You should also plan your post timing. Depending on where most of your audience is located, you should post at a time when they’d be on Facebook. If your post goes out in the middle of the night when they’re fast asleep, there’ll not be as much engagement since your post will be buried amidst all the other posts that appear on their feed later in the day.
You’ll want to have a plan to determine just what you’ll post on a daily basis. It’s good to have a customer avatar so you know what type of content will fit with your audience.

  1. Check your stats
Facebook Insights provides detailed analytics for you to know exactly how well your page or group is doing. Look at your stats and analyze them. If you’re lacking in a few areas, try a few strategies to overcome these issues. It may require more posts, better content, a different timing, etc. You’ll only know when you test it out.
Keep these 9 tips in mind when engaging an audience on Facebook and you’ll do better than most pages/groups out there. Always remember the mantra - Be Interesting, Engaging and Trustworthy.

“The best marketing strategy ever: Care” – Gary Vaynerchuk

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Monday, 5 February 2018

6 Tips for Building Your Business With Twitter

6 Tips for Building Your Business With Twitter

Twitter is all about relationships, growing your circle of influence, and yes, RELATIONSHIPS. The better your relationships on Twitter, the more likely people are to retweet your stuff, visit your Facebook page and websites, join your lists and buy your products. So how do you rapidly grow your Twitter following while wielding influence over your followers?

Here are 5 tips....
  1. Be Yourself. Often times people think they're somehow 'not good enough,' and so they pretend to be something they're not. The problem is people can smell a phony a mile away. Don't attempt to be Mr. Know-it-All or Ms. Perfect because nobody is buying that nonsense, and even if they were, they want to know REAL people with real lives, real challenges, and real things to say. Always stay true to yourself because you are a one-of-a-kind original, and as they say, everyone else is already taken anyway.
  1. Appreciate Your Followers. Re-tweet their best tweets (or the tweets that are the most important to them.) Give them a #FF, which means you're recommending others follow them. Or even send them a direct message. In other words, don't just interact – promote others and expect nothing in return. The more value you can give to others, the more they will like you, appreciate you, and want to reciprocate.
  1. Connect With The Big Dogs. Whatever your niche is, find the influential people in your niche and engage them. Being seen with people in authority is one of the quickest ways to be seen as an authority yourself. Plus, their audience will also notice you, and you'll gain followers who hold an avid interest in your particular niche.
  1. Engage Engage Engage. Answer everyone who engage with you, and see how many followers you can engage yourself. You never know who is going to become your next big client or customer – it could be that new guy with only 5 followers as easily as it could be the seasoned Twitter person with 50,000 followers.
  1. Add a Heap of Pizzazz. We've already said you need to be yourself, and this is perhaps the best advice anyone can give you. That said, it's okay to take yourself up a notch. You are unique, so go ahead and amplify that uniqueness and be a little bit larger than life. Be friendlier than you are in real life, be a little bit more flamboyount, go ahead and have opinions (your REAL opinions, that is) and by all means, STICK OUT from the crowd. That last thing you want to do is be a wallflower. 

And even if you're shy in real life, that's okay. This is the Internet, and so it's not like trying to be the life of the party in real life – it's more like portraying yourself in the best light, with the most fun, and the least inhibitions. Frankly, there is no better place for shy people than Twitter – it's a great way to meet tons of people with absolutely zero risk. After all, you don't have to send a tweet until you're certain it says exactly what you want it to say – so you can get it right every time.
  1. Have fun. Need we say more? People like to hang out with people who are having fun, and Twitter is no different. So go ahead, have a blast, let the good time roll, and watch your follower numbers increase accordingly!
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    Best Facebook Ads Course 2018

    Best Facebook Ads Course 2018 The biggest problem with Facebook is that it updates regularly and especially recently with the Cambridge ...